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RFID Key Card

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Complete Access Control

LynkD RFID's provide a simple solution for you to keep track of who is accessing your devices. Simply assign the RFID to one of your LynkD users on your LynkD Portal and give that user access to devices. Any time one of your devices is unlocked with that user's RFID, you will have insight into who accessed the device and when it was accessed.

Convenient, Keyless Access

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling with a key ring and trying to figure out which key to use for which lock. With LynkD RFID's you only have to carry around one RFID for all of your devices. Once you give a user access to a device, they can use their RFID's to access that device.

One-Time Purchase

There are no additional monthly fees for RFID's associated with your account. Once you purchase it, the RFID can be assigned and reassigned to any user in your LynkD Space at no additional charge!

*Important Note*

All LynkD Products use a combination of our mobile application and desktop platform. Membership to these platforms costs $15/Month + $5/Device + $5/User with the first user free. An active membership is required in order to use this product. To login or signup for a LynkD membership visit our Software page or go to App.LynkD.com.