Enterprise Access Controlled

IoT without IT. Future-proof and worry-free.



Physical Security Unplugged

Simple and scaleable. Redefining DIY.



Safety Compliance Delivered

Workplace assurance locked and loaded.



Intelligent Access Control & Monitoring. Finally.

Access Control

From autonomous multi-entry locks to multi-sensory environment monitors, we have a complete family of controls. Our intelligent power management extends field servicing intervals and reduces costs. All can be extended with keypad access, biometrics, and compatible I/O devices.

Cloud Portal Management

Our cloud portal and smartphone apps centralize access with the highest forms of web-based security, mobile device friendliness, centralized key management and monitoring, and robust alerting, intrusion detection, and auditing.

Rapid Implementation

Our cloud portal and Common Core™ device technology lets you quickly retrofit any environment with the right LynkD solution. This nimble framework leverages Bluetooth, WiFi, and RFID to massively scale and at the lowest cost possible.

Anywhere Access for Everywhere

Our intelligent solutions scale to any need in any environment. From over-the-air (OTA) updates to our door locks and deadbolts to smartphone apps and our highly customizable cloud portal, we’ve got it all. We can support the most stringent compliance needs and enable quick DIY installations.

Un-lock Your Future

Get our free guide to deploying digital access controls and supporting accessories. Learn why RFiD, Bluetooth, and WiFi combine to deliver a future-proof strategy for successful commercial application of these technologies. Strategize your own success.

Quickly Retrofit Any Space

Safety & Compliance

Individualized tracking and central access administration. Centralized key administration and WiFi-supported key distribution. Remote caregiver alerting.

Asset Control

Narcotics auditing and security. Centralized fleet administration and key code assignment. Quick access via RFiD or Biometrics.

Property Management

Revoke and assign keys from your front office (temporary or permanent). Convenient master code access. Remote monitoring and robust alerting.

Home Security

DIY. RFiD + Bluetooth 4.0 deadbolts, door locks, and padlocks. Easy user management. Long-lasting batteries (up to 2 years). WiFi-equipped.