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Privacy When You Want It, Security When You Need It.

The LynkD QuickLock pairs perfectly with the LynkD mobile application and desktop platform​. Get rapid access, data and analytics and device history. Note, use of this device and all devices requires an account membership to the LynkD Platform. 

Portable access control.

Add multiple RFIDs to your lock and share them with who you want. Control even more with a LynkD Space: assign/revoke credentials, share Bluetooth access, view device history, and more!

TSA Approved!

The QuickLock opens using RFID or Bluetooth and boasts a battery life of up to 2 years. Durable and easy to use for all ages! Lock up your bike, gates, school/gym locker, laptop bags, suitcases, toolbox, gun cases, sheds, trailers, etc. Lock up what you want no matter where you are.

Home, rental, or business friendly.

Say goodbye to memorizing combinations, this lock is all you need for maximum security even in adverse conditions. Configure and track thousands of locks from anywhere in the world via our cloud-based LynkD Space.

Important to Note

All LynkD Devices use a combination of our mobile application and desktop platform. Membership to these platforms costs $15/Month + $5/Device + $5/User with the first user free. An active membership is required in order to use this device. To login or signup for a LynkD membership, go to App.LynkD.com.