Most locks are made for keys.

These locks are made for people.

Lock and unlock from anywhere.

Use via Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and RFID (NEW!) to access your stuff.

Quick access instead of keys.

From wherever you are—your app or company command center.

Enjoy greater peace of mind.

With our secure, tamper-proof, key-free family of padlocks, deadbolts and door locks.

Gateways/Hubs Required

Years of Battery Life

RFiD Key Capacity

Methods of Access

Engineering Brilliance



  • Extendable with keypad access and biometrics
  • Durable cases (cast zinc, steel shackle, weatherproof)
  • Unified core available in multiple configurations (customization available)
  • Single charge lasts up to 2 years with smart power management that extends field servicing intervals and reduces costs (700mAh LiPo battery, recharges via micro-USB in X minutes)
  • Multi-code/PIN accessible (up to 50 RFID keys, code sharing with timeout, etc.)
  • Audible alarm
  • Failsafe, autonomous architecture (local data collection, etc.)
  • iOS/Android app available for local access (integrates automatically with cloud portal when available)
  • Local storage of access keys and history log (key assignment, access history, device status, alarm status, power level, location, device group, etc.)
  • Supports up to 5 levels of access control

Available Models

(Bluetooth 4.0 + RFiD)
(Bluetooth only)
Door Lock
(RFiD, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi)
(RFiD, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi)

Explore these configurations.

Home Kit™
Business Discovery Kit™
LynkD Lockup™

For up to 5 key codes (users) with 1 administrator login. Includes 90 days of cloud portal access. Perfect for securing your personal space.

Includes 2 bonus RFiD rings, up to 5 key codes (users) with 1 administrator login and 90 days of cloud portal access.

Includes 2 bonus RFiD rings, up to 10 key codes (users) with 2 administrator login and 90 days of cloud portal access.

About LynkD™

LynkD’s innovative line of access control and environment monitoring products implements breakthrough technology based on decades of deep development in multiple industries. The company’s patented, proprietary approach was first available in innovating gun safes (thegunbox.com) in 2012 with an aim to secure not just the exterior of homes and businesses but the interior as well.

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