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How Can Your Company Deploy IoT?

When it comes to IoT, the product and service possibilities are endless for knowing more, controlling better, and managing resources better in home, on-the-go, business, and industrial settings.

That said, implementing commercial IoT turns out to be more complicated than many companies realize. The LynkD IQ™ core and cloud portal + app combine to deliver the most flexible, customizable IoT framework available. Our team of developers can support your efforts to deliver the next breakthrough to your customers.

“Many customers reveal that implementing predictive maintenance solutions has been more difficult than anticipated, and it has proven more challenging to extract valuable insights from the data.” (read more >>)

Our team can solve the most challenging engineering problems and offer the most cost-effective solutions. We can help you finalize your design requirements and then supply the correct resources to take your product directly to market.

LynkD IQ Core

When it comes to Wi-Fi native devices, the LynkD IQ core is the smallest form-factor, most configurable hardware+firmware option on the market. It can be customized to fit any enclosure and has multiple other programming options including:

  • Autonomous Data Tracking and Control (real-time clock, onboard data processing and storage)
  • Multiple Entry Technologies (Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Biometric, Z-wave, Wi-Fi)
  • Smart Power Management (long life Lithium battery system, programmable “heartbeat” to push-pull configuration details, configurable reporting interval)
  • Dynamic Threshold Management (set thresholds on relevant on-board sensors – acceleration, temperature, motion, sound, light, etc.)
  • Cloud Based Customization (iOS and Android)
  • Drive Control (configurable to provide sufficient torque for any drive requirements or size)
  • Additional IO for Expandability

LynkD Cloud Portal + App

Learn about our cloud portal and app platform here. This platform can be customized to fit your needs, including branding and design.

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