Know Now with Real-Time Alerts

Immediate alerts when and how you say.

Unplug Security and Safety

Enable new ways of protecting assets and controlling access.

Architected for Anywhere

Tough and tested for any environment or application.



IoT for Today.

An Architecture Both Scalable and Affordable

LynkD™ IoT Core

From autonomous multi-entry locks to multi-sensory environment monitors, we have a complete family of controls. Our intelligent power management extends field servicing intervals and reduces costs. All can be extended with keypad access, biometrics, and compatible I/O devices.

Enterprise Portal

Our cloud portal and smartphone apps centralize access with the highest forms of web-based security, mobile device friendliness, centralized key management and monitoring, and robust alerting, intrusion detection, and auditing.

Rapid Implementation

Our cloud portal and Common Core™ device technology lets you quickly retrofit any environment with the right LynkD solution. This nimble framework leverages Bluetooth, WiFi, and RFID to massively scale and at the lowest cost possible.

Know Anytime About Anything

From Anywhere

Our intelligent solutions scale to any need in any environment. From over-the-air (OTA) updates to a door lock to tracking temperature shifts or intrusion detection, our IQ line has it. Couple that with our highly customizable cloud portal (desktop or smartphone access), we’ve got it all.

Know Your Future

Get our free guide to deploying digital access controls, real-time sensors, and supporting accessories. Learn how WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID combine to deliver a future-proof strategy for successful commercial application of these technologies. Strategize your own success.

Retrofit Any Space—Without IT!

Keep Kids Safe

Our devices deliver instant tamper alerts to your smart phone. Know immediately, revoke or grant access credentials, and track access over time.

Centralize Facility Management

Remotely grant (and revoke) user access to offices, storage units, rental properties, and business resources. Extend with keypads, RFID fobs and cards, and smartphone apps.

Asset Protection

Control access to sensitive or expensive materials–medicine cabinets, evidence lockers, or industrial equipment. Assign credentials and track access remotely.

Digitize Storefronts

Deliver a truly “headless” retail location with an auto attendant that you control. Know immediately on open/close. Great for common area management, contractor/vendor access, and more.