Control access to your LynkD devices.

The RFID Fob can be attached to anything from a keychain to a backpack.

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Access Control You Can Attach To Anything.

Manage your devices.

Add a fob to your LynkD device or cloud portal* and your ready to go! Remotely assign/revoke the fob for each LynkD device you own or remove it completely from all devices if the fob is ever lost or stolen.

Real-time reporting.

Keep track of individual fobs via the unique RFID. Share the fob with friends, family, employees, or guests and track when they have used your devices.

*LynkD devices and cloud portal are sold separately.



  • Use for home, on-the-go, and business applications.
  • Waterproof
  • Quick configuration
  • Admin and user friendly


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