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A Self-Service, Commercial-Grade Cloud Portal And App.

Work from anywhere.

Our nimble framework massively scales and at the lowest cost possible enabling you to centrally strategize and deploy locally.

Web and app access.

Accommodate any workflow, manage key codes, and report on anything from any device.

E-commerce included.

What? Our portal supports rental services and e-payment methods to enable new business models.

Admin Levels

Configurable Groups*

Supported Smartphone Apps

Galaxies Reached

*Untested. Could be dramatically higher. 🙂

Breakthrough Peace of Mind


  • Multiple implementation paths (initiated in the field at the device plus a smartphone or centrally administered from the LynkD cloud portal)
  • Consolidated and centralized key code management
  • Threshold control and monitoring
  • Robust alerting
  • Intrusion detection
  • Field and remote calibration of thresholds
  • Real-time auditing and reporting
  • Tiered security model
  • Support for varied workflows, power management strategies, refresh rates, and customization for enterprise-wide applications.