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Privacy When You Want It, Security When You Need It.

Simplified access control.

Use the LynkD Software to access your DoorLock, grant account users Bluetooth and RFID access to your smart lock, view device history, and more!​

Peace of mind.

With two different locking modes, setup your smart lock based on your preference. Enable ‘persistent lock mode’ to have the latch auto-lock after each open or leave it in ‘persistent unlock mode’ to have it stay in the unlocked or locked position based on manual input, (More information in the user manual.) The DoorLock will always unlock from the interior of a room, even if the batteries have no power. 

Home, rental, or business friendly.

Easily control who has access to your bedroom, storage room, conference room, or office. The DoorLock is a great solution for Airbnb or VRBO hosts attempting to manage access to their personal spaces. Configure and track thousands of locks from anywhere in the world via our cloud-based LynkD Space.

*Important Note*

All LynkD Devices use a combination of our mobile application and desktop platform. Membership to these platforms costs $15/Month + $5/Device + $5/User with the first user free. An active membership is required in order to use this device. To login or signup for a LynkD membership visit our Software page or go to App.LynkD.com.