Easily control who has access to your bedroom, storage room, conference room, or office. The DoorLock is a great solution for Airbnb or VRBO hosts attempting to manage access to their personal spaces.

Unlock peace of mind and security with DoorLock, an advanced smart locking system designed for modern living. Whether it's your home, rental property, or office. DoorLock offers streamlined access control at your fingertips.
Simplified Access Control with LynkD Software:
Simplified Access Control
Easily manage your DoorLock through LynkD Software, enabling Bluetooth and RFID access, viewing device history, granting user permissions, and more.
Customized Security
Choose from two unique looking modes: 'persistent lock mode' for auto-locking after each use or 'persistent unlock mode' for manual control The DoorLock ensures safety by unlocking from the inside, even with no battery power. For detailed instructions, refer to the user manual.
Versatile Usage
DoorLock is perfect for securing bedrooms, storage rooms, conference rooms, or offices. It's an ideal solution for Airbnb or VRBO hosts needing to manage access to personal spaces. With our cloud-based LynkD Space, configure and track thousands of locks from anywhere in the world.